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Published papers

Wood S.P., New basal Namurian (Upper Carboniferous) fishes and crustaceans found near Glasgow - Vol. 297, pp 574-577, Nature, June 1982

Wood S.P., The Bearsden Project or Quarrying for Fossils on a Housing Estate - Vol.3, No.7, pp 413-434, The Geological Curator, Issue 1 1983

Sequeira S.E.K. and Coates M.I., Reassessment of 'Cladodus' Neilsoni Traquair: a primitive shark from the Lower Carboniferous of East Kilbride, Scotland, Palaeontology, Vol. 43, Part 1, pp 153-172, 2000

Coates M.I. and Sequeira S.E.K., A new stethacanthid chondrichthyan from the Lower Carboniferous of Bearsden, Scotland. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Vol. 21, Issue 3, 2001

Clark, N.D.L., Tealliocaris: a decapod crustacean from the Carboniferous of Scotland. Palaeodiversity, Vol. 6, pp 107-133, 2013

Clark, N. D. L. Palaemysis dunlopi Peach 1908 (Eocarida, Crustacea) from the Namurian (Carboniferous) of the western Midland Valley. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 27, Part 1, pp 1-10, 1991

Clark, N. D. L. Minicaris brandi Schram 1979, a syncarid crustacean from the Namurian (Carboniferous). Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 26, Part 2, pp 125-130, 1990


Media Links

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Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Fossil Code

Geological Conservation Review, Volume 16: Fossil Fishes of Great Britain, Chapter 9: British Carboniferous fossil fishes sites, Site: Bearsden (GCR ID:2920)


Published Articles

The Biologist, Vol 62, No3, p48, #14: The Bearsden Shark

The Geological Society of Glasgow, Scottish Fossils, Carboniferous (359-299 Ma)

Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences, Vol 89, Issue 02, 1998, Research Article: The braincase of a primitive shark, Wilkipedia, Stethacanthidea

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