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The excavated site is on the Manse Burn which is a narrow water course running between two housing estates in Bearsden, South Baljaffray to the east and Bonnaughton to the west.

In 1982 a large area was excavated on the banks of the burn. The site was restored as the excavation was completed. The site is now protected as a Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI).

To help identify the area where the excavations took place, the wording "Bearsden Shark" has been inserted into the railings on the north side of the footpath which crosses the burn between Baljaffray and Bonnaughton.

The site today is grassed over and shrubs and trees have grown on both sides of the burn since to form a pleasant green boundary between the two estates.

A cairn with an information board is located a short distance west of the burn and provides information and a photograph giving some insight into what the excavation once looked like.

The OS Grid Reference is NS53057325.

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